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We receive a number of frequently asked questions about our services. This FAQs section puts all of those questions into one place, providing air conditioning facts and figures. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

An air conditioning system is designed to provide and distribute cooled (and, in some cases, heated) air throughout a room or building. Modern equipment uses filters to remove particulates from the air and the cooling process also helps to dehumidify it. Air conditioning can improve air quality, providing a comfortable, environment for the occupants in the building and ensuring the smooth operation of sensitive equipment.

Modern units that include heat pumps provide heating in addition to cooling. This is often very economical to run when compared to other forms of heating systems.

An inverter has a variable speed compressor and uses approximately 40% less electricity.

Approximately 500-600 Btu’s per square meter.

Godrichair will maintain and repair air conditioning systems manufactured by any supplier. At the first maintenance visit, we  will assess your current air conditioning system and will make recommendations should any replacements or repairs be necessary.

Godrichair covers the whole of South Africa.

Domestic units that are not in constant use and are used for cooling only generally require one service per year. Units that are in offices should be maintained at least twice per year to keep them running at their optimum level. For server rooms, we recommend at least three service visits per annum. For areas with high levels of pollution or contaminants in the air such as kitchens, hairdressers or workshops, additional service visits are carried out.

A clean and maintained air conditioning unit can filter out pollen, mold, dust, dirt and hair. Some air filters can even eliminate bacteria and virus particles in the air.

AC units that receive regular maintenance are proven to have a longer lifespan and less chance of a breakdown. This can also be critical to maintain certain warranty coverages on the air conditioner.

An air conditioner that is struggling to run will ultimately require more energy to cool. Catching any issues before they arise allows your energy bill to remain constant rather than costing you more money.


One of the most misinformed air conditioning facts is that it is expensive to run. Although costs can vary drastically from installation to installation and are dependent upon a number of factors, including the running time of the unit and the heating and cooling loads, air conditioning is generally very economical. For additional information on running costs, please contact us today.

Godrichair is passionate about providing our clients with the very latest environmentally responsible equipment. We only install systems that contain the latest non ozone-depleting refrigerants.

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